Power BI

Utilizing Microsoft Power BI, you can rapidly gain insights from your data, aiding your decision-making process within mere minutes. This includes all data, embracing all variants, accessible from any location – and all consolidated into a singular view.

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Leveraging Power BI as your business analytics service, you can transform data into stunning visuals, easily shareable with colleagues across various devices. It allows you to visually explore and analyze data, both on-premises and from the cloud, all within a single view.

Furthermore, it facilitates sharing and collaboration on customized dashboards and interactive reports. It also enables enterprise-wide scaling, complete with inherent governance and security.

Meet your self-service and business analytics needs through one of the largest business intelligence clouds globally. Discover how industry-leading AI and constant evolution, based on user feedback, can assist you in gaining insights from your data – at an enterprise-wide scale.

Rely on one of the most extensive and fastest-growing business intelligence clouds. Create and share interactive data visualizations across data centers worldwide. National clouds enable you to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

With a single platform, Power BI caters to all your self-service and enterprise data analysis requirements. Benefit from robust semantic models, an application lifecycle management (ALM) toolkit, an open connectivity framework, and accurate formatted paginated reports with a fixed layout.