Through its AI platform, Microsoft provides mature and ready-to-use services that enable developers to quickly create solutions based on artificial intelligence. Develop intelligent applications tailored to your organization’s needs, security, and compliance. Microsoft’s AI services offer support in many different areas, such as machine learning, speech and text recognition, and many more.

In addition to the various artificial intelligence services and tools, Microsoft’s AI platform provides optimal support through best-in-class infrastructure, security, availability, compliance, and enterprise-grade management capabilities.

Harness the power of any scalable infrastructure plus integrated AI services to build your next artificial intelligence solution.

Increase the customer lifecycle with insights from your transactional, observational, and behavioral data and brought together in AI-driven applications.

Get started quickly with intuitive, guided experiences.Extend the solution with familiar Azure services and tools and use your own machine learning models.Connect your customer data to Microsoft Power BIto customize dashboards and reports.Use Microsoft Power Apps to create custom apps with built-in customer insights.